Parking Administration

OC Parking Administration, a Unit of OC Public Works, manages OC Parking Facilities located in the Civic Center areas of Santa Ana and Westminster, and at the Manchester Office Complex, in the City of Orange which includes the Lamoreaux Justice Center, Orangewood Children’s Home and the Theo Lacy Facility.

OC Parking Facilities consist of seven multi-story parking structures and eight surface parking lots containing nearly 8,000 individual parking spaces.

OC Parking Administration provides public parking for the many visitors to City, County, Federal, and State agencies located in these areas. OC Parking Administration also provides parking for many employees of these same governmental agencies.

OC Parking Administration completes approximately 8.5M parking transactions annually.

OC Parking Administration’s mission is to provide professionally managed and well maintained parking facilities to meet the needs of the many visitors and employees who use their facilities each day.

For more information, contact:

OC Parking Customer Service
714-667-7521 Fax

Civic center map PARKING RATES

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