The Acquisition section provides the real estate services needed to acquire real estate rights necessary for the projects of our clients. This involves negotiating and drafting acquisition agreements, preparing deeds, including grant, easement, and quitclaim deeds, drafting licenses, rights-of-entry, acquisition leases, cooperative agreements, irrevocable offers of dedication, and other agreements, as needed. This section also oversees private contract consultants who provide Relocation Assistance Program benefits, pursuant to State and Federal law and regulations, to residential and business occupants displaced by our projects. Most acquisitions are successfully completed through voluntary negotiations; however, occasionally it may be necessary, primarily for public works projects, to proceed to the Board for authorization to file an eminent domain action to complete an acquisition. The Acquisition section directly assists County Counsel in filing such actions and also provides consultation services to our clients regarding real estate acquisition and condemnation issues. Both internal and external training is provided to Acquisition staff on a continual basis.