Valuation Services

The Valuation Services section offers consultation and advice to our clients, including other County departments and agencies, on matters of real estate valuation in order to facilitate the acquisition, management, leasing, and disposition of real property. These services are often provided by our in-house State-licensed appraiser. Frequently, valuation assignments such as formal appraisals are contracted out to private appraisal firms. Administration of these contracts consistently involves defining and explaining complex appraisal issues and the formal review of work performed. This section regularly offers advice and consultation to upper management to assist in decision-making associated with high priority real estate projects and also works closely with County Counsel on eminent domain actions. This includes consulting with private contractors as needed for trial testimony purposes and providing valuation advice during mediation conferences. Training in valuation and appraisal concepts is provided by the Valuation Services section to County personnel on a continual basis.